Q : Is purchasing from your site secure?

A : Payments via VISA/MasterCard/AMEX are handled entirely by PayPal's card service. We’ve had zero incidents with PayPal's service over the years. From the moment you log in to your account, your connection is private, encrypted and secure.

Q : There is a problem with my order what should I do?

A :  If there is a defect with any product you receive from us, or any mistake with your order, please  contact us within 24 hours of receiving and we will work to correct the issue.

Q : What are the "notes" in coffee descriptions?

A : We use notes to help describe the nuances in the natural flavour of a particular coffee. These notes can be quite subtle and range from fruity to floral to chocolate, and the list goes on. Notes may not necessarily be detected by every palate, but it all comes down to your individual taste experience.

Q : Are your prices quoted in TTD$ or USD$ ?

A : Our prices are quoted in US dollars.